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The Waterski and Wakeboard Association Ghana (WWAG) is the National Governing Body responsible for towed water-sports in Ghana, Founded in  21st December 2018.

OUR MISSION:Is to ‘‘develop, promote and establish waterski and wakeboard sports as well as to discover talents for national and international competitions.


Waterski and wakeboard Association Ghana (WWAG) is the Governing Body responsible for the Waterskiing, Wakeboarding and Bare footing Sports development in Ghana. The WWAG has been structured as a sports discipline based organisation that  reflects  the  operation of the sport within all States which the skieir's rope and handle are pulled by an  electrically - driven cable,  tasked  to  develop  and  promote towed water sports in Ghana

What  WWAG Does

  1. To promote Tourism in the country.

  2. To discover talents through the Waterski and Wakeboard Sport

  3. To create awareness about Waterski and Wakeboard Sports

  4. To make Waterski and Wakeboard a very enterprising sport in Ghana.

  5. To guide members of organization in governing waterskiing and wakeboarding in the country.

  6. To build a very engaging and powerful sport team that can compete in any part of the world, making GHANA and the IWWF proud.

  7. To make GHANA very attractive to tourists and international investors through waterski and wakeboard.

  8. To establish friendly co-operation for the development of waterskiing and wakeboarding between the affiliated Federation as well as with all other Confederations of the international Waterski & Wakeboard Federation.

  9. The organization will facilitate the participation of athletes in national and international competitions.

  10. To obtain and administer sponsorships, grants and other forms of funding to be utilized for the benefit of Waterski and wakeboard in Ghana.

  11. To create opportunities for all classes of people to participate in the sports especially for the youth to be sponsored outside the shores of Ghana to learn the sports. And to introduce same in all educational institutions.

  12. To host and manage international, national and regional championships, competitions, and tournaments in the country.