Ski Racing

Ski Racing is a high adrenaline, high-octane branch of waterskiing and is the fastest form of skiing there is, with competitors travelling at up to 200km/h. A real endurance discipline, skiers use a special race ski, designed to ensure better control at high speeds.


Races take place on both seawater and inland, although they do require quite a lot of space. Categories vary according to ability and the power of boats involved. If you are addicted to speed, this may just be the sport fo


Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider, standing on a wakeboard (a short board with foot bindings), is towed behind a motorboat across its wake and especially up off the crest in order to perform aerial maneuvers. A hallmark of wakeboarding is the attempted performance of midair tricks.

The rider is usually towed by a rope behind a boat, but can also be towed by cable systems and winches, and be pulled by other motorized vehicles like personal watercraft, cars, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles.