Board of Directors and Executive Board Job Description




The Board of Directors are the councils that exercises supreme executive powers in WWAG headed by the chairman/President, this council has specific responsibilities  by establishing general policies and objectives for the organization, selecting, appointing and reviewing the performance of management board members, Approving annual budgets and has the power of appointing and firing.




  • The Executive Board of WWAG shall meet every MONTH and has approx 6-9 per year in WhatsApp or Zoom and  at list per year and at least two times face to face meeting, at least 51% of the Executive Board Members Must be present to form a quorum at every meeting.



  • As in WWAG Bylaws, currently the term of office of Executives shall be by appointment not elected position until further notices. any vacancy of the Board share be Appointed by the (Board of Directors)



  • A position on the Board shall become vacant if:

  • A member resigns.

  • A member is absent from meetings of the Board for three (3) consecutive times without reasonable Excuse.




  • As a not-for-profit corporation representing Ghana’s towed water sports, each Waterski and Wakeboard Association Ghana Board Member is accountable to the members, community, funders and other stakeholders. They are accountable for Waterski and Wakeboard Ghana’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives, and for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources.


  • Individual Board Members have no authority to approve actions by WWAG or to direct staff to speak on behalf of WWAG unless given such authority by the President/Chairman, and shall be the legal signatories and representative of the WWAG and assume the chair in all meetings.



  • Board Members are responsible for acting in the best long term interests of the organization and the community and will bring informed decision-making, a broad knowledge and an inclusive perspective.



  • Every member of the Executives of the Board shall be accountable to the President, and has powers and Duties to:


  • Provide policy direction for the WWAG between congresses.


  • Provide oversight to the Executive Committee (ExCo) of the Board, which shall administer

       and conduct the day-to-day affairs of the WWAG on behalf of the Board.


  • Submit proposals to the Congress for the definition of the strategic and action plan of the WWAG.

  • Implement the resolutions passed by the Congress.

  • Prepare the annual budget, reports and accounts of the WWAG for submission to the Congress.

  • Convene a congress of the WWAG not later than 30th November and present a report to the President on activities for the year and an audited statement of account as at 31st December of the immediately preceding year.

  • Organize an Extraordinary Congress when necessary.

  • Manage the property and funds of the WWAG in the framework of the annual budget Approved by the Congress.

  • Recommend to Congress the constitution of any such standing congress committees or Commissions as it may deem fit to ensure a smooth conduct of Congress.

  • Work extensively to achieve the goals and objectives of the WWAG.

  • Meet as and when necessary to discuss matters affecting the WWAG.

  • Listen to others’ views, advocate their own, identify common interests and alternatives, and be open to compromise; while at all times exercising respect and fostering a collegial environment.

  • Support governance decisions once made

  •  Participate in the review of WWAG mission and objectives and in the development of a strategic plan.

  • Help the Board to monitor the performance of WWAG in relation to its mission, objectives, core values and reputation